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Doll Repair FAQ's


Do you Accept Repairs from outside of the United States?

We do not ship outside of the United States. The only way we will accept international repairs is if you provide a return shipping address inside the United States.


How much will it cost to repair my doll or Bear?

We repair all types of dolls and stuffed animals - ranging from attaching a limb to completely restoring and painting an antique doll.  The cost can range from $35 to $1000.  We are sorry, but we cannot give any quotes over the phone.  We can only give you an estimate once we see your doll in person. 


Do you charge for an estimate?

  • Dolls physically brought into the store.  We generally do not charge for estimates on dolls brought into the store.  However, there is a $5 fee per doll whenever two or more dolls are brought in for an estimate. This fee will be applied to the repair cost of each doll left for restoration.  All repair estimates are valid for 60 days and the $5 per doll fee would be applied for any "patients" brought back for repair within this time limit.  See special conditions for Insurance Engagements.
  • Dolls Mailed in for service.  There is a $25 per doll non-refundable fee (which covers evaluation and return shipping) on dolls mailed in for evaluation.  For more information, please download our Authorization Packet.


Do I need to make an appointment?

No appointment is necessary unless you plan to bring in a collection of dolls (fire damage, flood damage etc.). In that case, we do require an appointment.  Just remember that we do not have doll repair staff on hand during Sunday or late evening hours.  Read more about Insurance engagements.


How long will it take?

Due to our large backlog, most incoming repairs can anticipate approximately 2-3 months until completion. More extensive structural repair can take up to a year. If you are looking to have a doll or bear repaired for the Christmas Holidays, we recommend bringing it in as early as possible.

My child's most favorite doll needs repair. Do you take on EMERGENCY cases?

if any incoming “patient” is a child’s loved one that they can’t be without, our repair team will push it ahead as much as possible. We are often able to turn around these special cases in a matter of days.


What type of dolls objects or stuffed animals are you NOT able to repair?

We do not repair any battery operated dolls or mechanical dolls and we cannot replace porcelain parts (limbs, head, etc.).  We also do not repair toys, action figures, figurines, plates, snow globes etc. You might also check out our List of services for more information on the types of repairs we DO perform.

Please note that we do not repair dolls full of mold, mildew or damp with odor. We do not repair dolls with black mold of any kind.  We do not repair dolls with water damage or most kinds of fire damage. 

Is my doll worth fixing?

The majority of dolls and bears we repair are brought in for sentimental reasons. Even if the doll has little or no monetary value, many people choose to have it repaired or restored because it holds a special place in their heart, or has been in their family for generations.  We do not recommend repairing a doll in order to sell it.  Dolls should be repaired only so that they can be given new life for a child to love or as a keepsake for future generations.


How much is my doll worth?

We cannot give any advice on value without seeing the doll in person. Values depend on condition, clothes, year made, rarity and what the market can bear. We do offer written appraisals for a fee of $50 per doll.  We only advise appraisals on dolls that are worth $500 and up (antique, bisque, china, mint condition composition dolls etc.).

If you wish to research on your own, you can look up dolls in the Blue Book of Values or other doll reference books which can be purchased at Book stores or found in the library.


Do you Repair American Girl Dolls?

Yes, we do!  Our most common AG repair is Re-attaching Limbs, but we can also clean them or replace old hair with a new wig.  Our repair staff can generally push these ahead and complete within 1-2 weeks instead of the normal 3 month time frame.


Will you buy my doll?

We are sorry, but we do not purchase dolls.  If you are looking to sell your doll, we recommend trying ebay or another internet auction site or perhaps even listing your doll or collection in the classified section of your local newspaper.


Do you work with insurance companies?

Insurance companies are welcome to bring in collections of dolls for repair evaluations under the following conditions:


  • Insurance jobs are by Appoinntment Only! 
  • The charge for damage evaluations is $15 per doll payable when the dolls are brought in.  This charge is non-refundable, however on a per doll basis, it will be applied to any doll left for restoration. 
  • Once a repair evaluation has been presented, a decision to restore must be made within five business days by the insured/insurer. 
  • A deposit representing 50% of the total cost of repair is due at that time. The deposit authorizes the Doll Hospital to proceed. 
  • Items not authorized for repair must be picked up within five business days from receipt of the repair evaluation or a storage fee of $10 per day will be accessed. 
  • Completed work must be picked up and balance paid within fourteen days of notification or storage fees will apply.