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We are currently accepting both walk-in and mail-in doll repairs. Due to a high-volume of repair orders awaiting completion, please be aware that there is a 3-4 month waiting period, however, if the condition of your particular doll repair warrants more time, please allow 12+ months for completion. 



The Doll Hospital Management


We are proud to have been listed by Good Housekeeping Magazine as one of the NATION'S top ten restorer's of collectable and antique dolls.


You may have a beloved old doll that is dirty, or broken.  It may be laying in a box --- in your basement or out in your garage --- all in shambles!  We promise not to be shocked.    If you have   strong sentimental attachment, then restoration of a childhood doll (or maybe a doll that was treasured by your mother or grandmother) can be very gratifying. The Doll Hospital & Toy Soldier Shop has restored an estimated 250,000 dolls for grateful clients over the past 65 years. The Doll Hospital has a dedicated staff of 2 skilled artisans as restorers, and believe it or not, we have 100+ years of doll repair experience between us.  As you can imagine, we’ve faced just about every imaginable type of doll repair. We look forward to giving your doll a new lease on life. While we have thousands of antique parts, they are used only in emergency.  we prefer to work with the original body or head components, so as to keep everything as authentic as possible. Over the years we have invented a variety of techniques to bring dolls back to closely resemble their former selves. View our photo gallery for a sampling of patients we have brought back to life!


Sorry! We are unable to estimate repairs over the phone or Internet, because every situation is quite unique.  We need to examine each doll closely to evaluate it's condition and note any pre-existing problems.  From this first-hand assessment,  the nature and cost of required repair or restoration work can be arrived at. For those who are within driving distance,  we   have at least one qualified estimator, on duty, at most times during business hours.   Please note that while we are open on Sundays at various times of the year, we never have doll repair staff available on Sundays.  Read more about arranging for repair here.


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