Teacher Sale 

Extended hours begin 8/16/15


Yes, we are a doll hospital, but OH, SO MUCH More! We are also one of the largest independent specialty toy stores in the USA.  Its true! We have lovingly restored your treasured keepsakes for the past 60 years, and we've brought you the very best quality toys & dolls that money can buy.  For half of that time, we've been selling and installing top quality wooden play sets in more styles, brands and price ranges than any other Michigan dealer.  We hope you enjoy browsing our Playsets and Trampoline sections and that you find them very informative.


Come discover our Parent Teacher Resource Center, highly regarded as one of Michigan's premier teacher stores.  Observe first hand our tight focus on carrying only safe, well-made specialty toys.  Experiencing so many fine playthings under one roof can be truly exhilarating!  We hope you'll introduce your kids or grandkids to our wonderland of toys and hobbies.  Or, sample us remotely....30,000 of our products are available to a national audience through ReallyGreatToys.com.


On Line Shopping

If you share our good toy philosophy and want the immediacy of great savings and excellent service, just shop on ReallyGreatToys.com.  We call it "RGT" and it's always there for you....with high quality toys, dolls and great fulfillment  services.  Local customers will find it helpful to pre-shop on RGT prior to visiting our store.  we suggest you read about our In-Store vs. Internet Price Matching Policy.


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