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The recent toy recalls have brought child safety concerns to the forefront of news. It is a string of unfortunate instances, but the toy companies involved have responded in a very responsible way. The most important issue here is the total safety of the children, However, consumers (parents/grandparents) should not stop playing with children or limiting play options because of a small segment of recalled toy products. There are millions of toys out there that are fun and safe. Here are some links we think you will find very helpful and informative.


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  • The Doll Hospital supports efforts to get passage of HR4040, which is making it's way through the House with a companion bill in the Senate.


Our Toys - Countries of Origin

Ecology Center News.    December 3, 2008

We want to share with our customers a new edition of which has been formally released today.   The center has expanded and improved it’s 2nd Annual Consumer Guide to Toxic Chemicals in Toys.  Their research team has been busy testing over 1,500 children's toys for lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and other toxic chemicals in order to provide you with information that will help keep your kids safe.


It is important to note that the Ecology Center is working to identify toys that are safe, as well as to identify those that are unsafe. Consequently, the majority of the playthings they have tested show either low or moderate levels of worrisome chemicals.

The Doll Hospital and Toy Soldier Shop remains ever vigilant with respect to toy safety. Our primary goal is to be aware of and to remove from our sales channels, any playthings not meeting toy safety standards as set forth by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).  Additionally, we are very aware of and supportive of the work being done by The Ecology Center in Ann Arbor.  Accordingly, The Doll Hospital is presently reviewing the newly released test results carefully. Should any products we carry appear on the list, with questionable test results, we will address them at two levels:


  • Toys rated HIGH with regard to lead content.
    - Immediately pull these items from our shelves or website while they undergo further review.
    - Request detailed chemical laboratory test reports for each item from it's manufacturer.
    - Compare these highly accurate laboratory reports with the Ecology Center FRX tests to determine
      final action

  • Toys rated MEDIUM with regard to lead content.
    Request detailed chemical laboratory testing for each item from the manufacturer.
    - Compare the highly accurate laboratory results with the Ecology Center FRX tests to determine final action

BPA Chemicals Present in Top Toy Brands - December 13

 We have just become familiar with a report authored by the Ann Arbor organization in conjunction with ABC affiliate WXYZ TV in Detroit.  We understand that a sister organization to, located in Maine, has suggested that there are health concerns connected with the chemical BPA.  They have apparently found that BPA is present in many toys such as Playmobil,  Lego and other top brands.   Being a Playmobil Dealer, we will be very interested in learning more about the chemical BPA and any harmful effects it might have on kids and on any future actions that might become appropriate.

 It is worth noting that Playmobil is a highly regarded specialty toy manufacturer selling these same products around the world.  So, in addition to the rigorous testing that Playmobil completes in meeting CPSCIA safety standards, they also meet rigorous health standards set by European Countries and other governments across the globe.   

 The current BPA concern is apparently based on research done in the State of Maine.  In the past, has communicated their concerns directly to us … and we have given them access to thousands of toys for their testing purposes.  In this instance, we have not been contacted regarding their concerns on this issue.  If they wish to perform a local study, we will again provide them with access to Playmobil or other top branded toys.

 We have checked today with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC).  They have not provided any warnings or recalls on any Playmobil products.  We are confident that Playmobil tests their products exhaustively under the CSPCIA guidelines which were incorporated into law in 2009.   We applaud the work being done by and other similar watchdog groups around the country. We will, however, continue to look to the CPSC and to CPCSIA guidelines as the ultimate judge for which toys can be safely sold to the public.  Accordingly, we will continue to supply Playmobil products while, at the same time, monitoring closely any changes in national safety guidelines that might come about as a result of BPA content in toys.