Toy Safety 

Dear Valued Customer,

I am the CEO of The Doll Hospital & Toy Soldier Shop, and Both in our store, and on our website, we deal specifically with "specialty toys".  They are known for their quality and safe design. We are a member of ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailers Association) which is made up of thousands of independent toy retailers, specialty toy manufacturers and industry affiliates across the country.


We have a fantastic selection of over 30,000 well-made, safe toys. Not coincidentally, our products have less than a half percent overlap with Walmart, Target or ToysRUs.  These are the companies making the news with multiple recalls of cheaply made toys from China.  You are not alone in your concerns about wanting to buy only good, safe toys for your children. I wish there was some dependable connection between place of origin and safety, but there is not.

Countries don’t make toys. Companies make toys! Only companies can insure that each toy they produce meets the rigid safety standards set by U.S. Government and by US and European consumer organizations. In the fifty years that I have been involved, the vast majority of specialty toys were made not in America, but in various European countries. Today these same companies have largely moved their factories and high quality control standards to China. Specialty toys have always been somewhat more expensive to purchase than the Mass marketed toys, because they use better materials and maintain rigid safety control measures. Our manufacturers do not have Walmart breathing down their necks to squeeze another few pennies out of everything they make. We have compiled a list of our major suppliers and their manufacturing country of origin for your convenience.


You have probably seen a TV news story, or read in the newspaper about toys being recalled due to excessive levels of lead.  While the specialty toys we represent have almost perfect track records, we have quadrupled our oversight of every toy purchased to insure the highest standards of safety and play value!  When you shop with us, we want you to enjoy finding the best toys for your family without worrying if they are safe.


Our company is actively calling for national legislation that will dramatically lower allowable levels of dangerous chemicals in any type of children's products.  We have aggressively communicated this to our elected officials.. to hundreds of specialty retailers and to every specialty toy manufacturer we deal with. We have been proactive about insuring that Doll Hospital's toys and other children's products are fully compliant.  Please know that we are very picky about the manufacturers we choose and deal only with companies that have well-established track records for producing toys that will give long and safe years of superb play value. If we do find any products that are deemed unsafe by CPSC we will promptly display them here on our website and make every effort to alert our consumers.  We are very excited about the sweeping new nation-wide toy safety standards signed into law by President Bush this past August.  Click here to read our press release.


I hope I have set your mind at ease with this information.  If you still have concerns, or are interested in reading more about Toy Safety please visit the information links we have set up for you to view.  You may wish to read more about our core business and about our philosophy of “good toys” here.

Best Regards,


Jack Parish, CEO
The Doll Hospital & Toy Soldier Shop
Berkley, MI 48072


CEO Jack Parish with wife Ruth
and Taylor (Grandchild #11)